Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marking and Measuring: You'll Need to Sharpen That Pencil

An important part of any woodworking at home project is actually one of the most basics.  That would be measuring and marking correctly.  If you cut to much off the wood, then you have to scrap the piece, or go buy a "lumber stretcher."  I remember my dad telling me the story of the time he told my brother to go to the tool box and get a lumber stretcher.  My brother went and came back and said he couldn't find it!  LOL  Ok, so back to business, here are a few tools needed for marking and measuring while woodworking at home.

A lot of problems with "fit" are directly to do with marking and measuring.  These are the first things you do in any project so how well you do it will depend on the success of the rest of your project.  Most of these mistakes occur because using the wrong tools at the wrong time.  Here is a list of basic tools you will need for marking and measuring:

  1. A tape measure
  2. Precision marking ruler with 1/32 units
  3. A T-square
  4. Pencil set specifically for woodworking.
  5. A combination square
  6. A sliding bevel
  7. A protractor
  8. A digital caliper
By owning these tools, you will be able to take the guess work out of marking and measuring.  As I've stated before, if you are just beginning start out small and work your way up.  This includes tools as well.  Don't run out and buy all of these today just to never use them again.  I started with a speed square, a pencil, and a tape and worked my way to these types of tools.  As you grow, you will as well.

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