Thursday, March 11, 2010

Learning Woodworking is Not Hard!

Terror and fear grips many people with the thought of learning woodworking.  How about you?  It's not that tough.  Having done woodworking at home for a few years, I want to share a few tips with you. It all begins in your mind.  Yes, in your mind.  Once you get in the right frame of mind to do woodworking, all it takes is a little action persistence and imagination.
  • Take action.  You can read all sorts of books about woodworking, but you have take action in order for learning woodworking.  This first action does not have to be the biggest action, but it needs to be something.  Start with a small project, such as a birdhouse, then work up to larger projects.
  • Be persistent.  Sometimes you will make a mistake.  That's ok, don't give up.  I have found that I learn from my mistakes.  Step back, take a breath, and try again.  If you are afraid you are going to make a mistake, do a trial run of a project using scrap wood. 
  • Use your imagination.  Since woodworking is like an art to me, I tell people imagination is one of my best tools.  By using my imagination, I am able to deviate from the plan just a bit, or add a special touch if it's something I am doing for a loved one.
See learning woodworking at home is not hard.  It just takes the right mindset to begin, and everything else will fall into place.

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